How It Works In 60 Seconds

The Philosophy

Shopping online used to be so simple. Now there are hundreds of shops, thousands of products and millions of reviews. It’s information overload.

All this choice isn’t making our lives any easier or better. Quite the opposite: psychologists like Barry Schwartz have discovered that more choice makes us less happy. And haven’t we all got better things to do with our time than shop for a TV, or a camera, or a vacuum?

So we made Just Buy This One. We sifted through all the complex technical information available online to work out what really matters. Then we plugged into’s price comparison engine and our database of over a million customer reviews from people who actually own the products. We’d do the hard bit – comparing products, totting up review scores, working out which shiny new features are worth your money, finding the cheapest price – then we’d just give you the best.

But there was still something missing. If shopping online is a hassle, organising returns and refunds and replacements is a nightmare. That’s where RoomService comes in. If what you buy from Just Buy This One isn’t right for you, we’ll take care of everything from returns and refunds to replacements.

We think we’ve made something that gives you all of the convenience of shopping online and none of the hassle – a trusted, impartial advisor who cuts to the chase and just tells you what you should get. Don’t bother with all the rest. Just buy this one.

The Connection with Reevoo

Just Buy This One was conceived and built by the folks over at Reevoo. Reevoo’s over 9 million genuine customer reviews powers Just Buy This One’s product selection.

Reevoo is an impartial service dedicated to helping shoppers find the best products at the best price, on and across our network of retailer and manufacturer partners.

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Reevoo Shopping Team